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Sustainability always means striking a balance between economic, ecological and social aspects. Nowhere is this as clear and important as it is in the field of renewable energies. They play a significant role in contemporary climate and energy policy.


Foresight, creative determination and courage are characteristic of the attitude with which we invest in pioneering firms in the lead markets for renewable energies. We intend to play a leading role in financing and developing innovation and growth in renewable energies. Our goal is to promote intelligent solutions that contribute to the responsible use of resources and offer economically sustainable operations while at the same time safeguarding the quality of life for future generations.

In view of this, we focus our investment on high-performance solar plants and wind turbines, working exclusively with the components of absolute premium manufacturers.


01 | Energy | Photovoltaic System Vernerov, Czech Republic
Photovoltaic System Vernerov, Czech Republic

With the photovoltaic system ‚Vernerov‘ we commissioned the third and biggest solar power plant in Czechia in December 2010. ‚With this plant we have extended and rounded our „commitment to sun“ in Czechia once again.‘

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02 | Energy | Struharov photovoltaic plant, Czech Republic
Struharov photovoltaic plant, Czech Republic

‘Investing in solar power plants is sustainable and a contribution in response to climate change.’ This is an issue to which we’ve been committed since the major debates around climate change began. Because we were aware of the need for a sustainable response to climate change early on.

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03 | Energy | Svetla photovoltaic plant, Czech Republic
Svetla photovoltaic plant, Czech Republic

‘For us, solar power systems are not pure investments, but an investment based on conviction.’ The ‘Svetla nad Sazavou’ photovoltaic plant in the Czech Republic was commissioned in late 2010 and connected to the Czech power grid.

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04 | Energy | Laxå wind farm
Laxå wind farm

Since October 2017, we have been involved with the Laxå wind project in Laxå, in south-eastern Sweden.

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| 05. January 2018
After the engagement in three solar power plants in the Czech Republic, Wirtgen Invest decided to construct a wind farm in October 2017. In Scandinavia wind energy in...