Don’t the companies themselves have ecological and social responsibilities of their own?   We say yes. 
Sustainability always means striking a balance between economic, ecological and social aspects. Nowhere is this as clear and important as it is in the field of renewable energies. They play a significant role in contemporary climate and energy policy. More about energy
More about energy
 Along with prospects for growth in value, real estate also always offers an opportunity to leave a lasting mark on the future of a city and its people. 
We invest in prime locations in urban centres in the ten largest cities in Germany and in other European countries. The focus here is on properties that have proven themselves on the market, are well managed and are situated in healthy surroundings. More about real estate
More about real estate
 Recognising and benefiting from trends while simultaneously creating new standards. 
We come from entrepreneurship. We know the business, so it is only natural that this is a focus of our work. We are in search of strategic investments and want to get involved in the long term. More about venture
More about venture
 Can you be responsible in the financial markets and succeed at the same time? We know how. 
As the lifelines of the global economy, the financial markets play a decisive role in shaping economic development. Because we gear our investment strategy from a long-term perspective, we seek stable partnerships. More about finance
More about finance