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Our guiding principle has always been to work on the future in the present. This is how we have grown our company into a clear global market leader over the past 60 years. We now bring the same creative determination to the management of our family office WIRTGEN INVEST. The name captures our strategic orientation. As a solid, financially strong company, we consistently focus on sustainable investment in business fields that we know. We invest our own money and hold onto our investments for the long term.

We are independent of third-party economic interests and are dedicated solely to the family, our employees and partners, and to our social responsibility. As a family office, we contribute to the preservation and growth of wealth for future generations.


Creating value. Growing value. Living values. To us, these three missions are inseparable. We develop sustainable value which we consistently strive to grow. Our work is always rooted in the grasp of values that has grown up around our family-run business.

For us, it goes without saying: success is always the result of a joint effort. In the interest of lasting and sustainable success, we create new jobs and rely on experienced teams and social interaction.

Stefan Wirtgen & Jürgen Wirtgen


In-depth and successful collaboration requires a shared understanding of values. An entrepreneurial spirit, responsibility, integrity, courage and creative drive are the guardrails of our work. These characteristics have grown out of our entrepreneurial tradition and offer orientation to our partners and employees alike.

We place emphasis on the things that made us great. Acting with foresight. Making consistent use of opportunities. We also have an enterprise structure characterised by short decision pathways, quick decisions and a high level of flexibility. We do not manage; we actively help shape transactions, taking entrepreneurial risks of our own in the investments we make. This ensures us quick overall manoeuvrability in the market. With a sure sense for opportunities and possibilities. And a clear-headed assessment of risks.

In all of our actions and decisions, we always consider the long-term perspective. We seek and create value-adding factors in our investments. To us, it’s not about short-term profit; it’s about sustainable economic success. Our aim is to occupy top positions in the various business segments in which we invest.

We think in sustainable terms. Working from our family and business tradition, we take a holistic view of our investments, seeking maximum harmony among economic, environmental and social objectives.

We invest in sectors with a sustainable future; in our business segments, we are not led by the market – we play an active role in shaping it. To do this, we take the design, governance and control of our investments into our own hands.


Long-term success requires an understanding and mastery of the overall context. As a family office, we have a special responsibility here. That’s why WIRTGEN INVEST sets a variety of entrepreneurial priorities.


Precise and comprehensive knowledge of the markets, and employees who are specialists in their field, are the best prerequisites for making solid, sustainable decisions. There are certain business sectors where we do not invest until we have in-depth knowledge of the markets and the rules of the game.
We become involved in business areas and projects with a favourable outlook. That’s why we operate in business areas that are sustainable and have demonstrated development potential – and to which we have an affinity.
Our goal is to invest wealth sensibly and generate sustainable positive returns. So, we only choose investments that suit us and our values. Potential business models must enrich our portfolio qualitatively in the long term.
We have deliberately aligned WIRTGEN INVEST in this way and are consistently working with our employees to build the company into a global brand. We have identified five business and action areas in which we are very knowledgeable and will operate successfully. These five areas give WIRTGEN INVEST a clear entrepreneurial profile: Real Estate, Energy, Venture, Finance and Social.

Helping others help themselves is a fitting reflection of our entrepreneurial approach; this is why it also shapes the self-image we have of our social role. As a family office, we want to play an active role in initiating and promoting social projects. We systematically seek contact with organisations and projects that have a primary focus on providing educational and vocational training to disadvantaged children and adolescents.

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