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As the lifelines of the global economy, the financial markets play a decisive role in shaping economic development. If they run well and are balanced, they are the foundation for growth, stability and prosperity. If not for the financial markets, industry, retail and commerce would be unable to concentrate on their core business. It’s the financial markets that make new ideas and companies possible to begin with.

Because we gear our investment strategy from a long-term perspective, we seek stable partnerships. We cooperate with specialised financial analysts, economists and well-known experts in economics, business administration and tax law.


In every investment we make, we seek the things that preserve and enhance value. After all, we act exclusively with our own capital. That’s why we concentrate on the intrinsic value of each investment. Rather than count on general trends, we act in the market ourselves. We only invest in highly reliable assets, striking a balance between offensive and defensive assets while diversifying investment risk across asset classes such as bonds, equities, commodities and precious metals, but also across geographic regions. Our objective in this is clear: to generate positive returns regardless of trends in the capital markets.


| 20. January 2019
(Deutsch) Diversifikation ist der Schlüssel.
Die WIRTGEN INVEST Finance GmbH hat sich in einem schwierigen Jahr 2018 gut behaupten können und blickt auf ein erfolgreiches erstes Jahr an den Kapitalmärkten...