News: Finance


In business year 2020, the COVID-19 situation has had, and will continue to have, a profound impact on finances. So far, WIRTGEN INVEST has weathered this storm well without suffering any loss in value. Pro-active measures taken at the beginning of the crisis, including hedging and portfolio adjustments, have helped, as did a strong positioning in future-oriented stocks with long-term investment histories. Above all, it became apparent that a generally conservative orientation – with a relatively high weighting in high-quality bonds, investments in healthy companies, and gold – is what gives a portfolio stability during periods of financial upheaval.

The temporary dip in stock prices was utilized to make selective purchases at fair value. On the capital market, these were mainly in technology shares and other growth stocks.

This phase of market volatility thoroughly tested the underpinnings of the family office, which had been built up over the past two years. Resilient partnerships with banks and financial service providers have served as anchors in these turbulent times. The reporting, which was conceived in cooperation with our system partner iComps, ensured the level of transparency in investments required for taking informed decisions at a moment’s notice. We consider this stress test as having been passed – and thus feel well situated to continue taking advantage of future opportunities without losing sight of the risks.