Jürgen Wirtgen Stiftung and Stefan Wirtgen Stiftung

Presentation suits for sports clubs.

New training suits for Neustadt sports clubs.

Sport is not only one of the most popular school subjects for pupils, sport is also one of the most popular hobbies worldwide. Sport in its various forms and activities keeps you healthy and often conveys great emotions. In addition, team sports brings people togehter and thrive on their community and team spirit.

In the local community of Neustadt, football, tennis, basketball, handball and karate, among others, are regularly played in teams and are regularly measured in competitions against other clubs. In addition to the competition equipment during the games, a uniform appearance around the competitions, i.e. before and after the training sessions, games and tournaments, promotes the feeling of togetherness and the recognition value of the respective groups. From now on, on these occasions, all divisons and teams of Sportfreunde Neustadt and SG Neustadt / Fernthal with around 650 athletes present themselves in unity and with pride in their new presentation suits. Whether youth or senior players, whether basketball players or tennis players – they all represent their club in the same outfit and are thus ambassadors of the sport.

With this equipment donation, WIRTGEN INVEST Holding GmbH is showing its commitment to the voluntary work of the active players in the immediate vicinity of the company’s headquarters in the local community of Neustadt and wishes them all much success and always a lot of joy.