Jürgen Wirtgen Stiftung and Stefan Wirtgen Stiftung


In recent years digital services have become a major role in communication and collaboration in both private and professional environments. As a consequence, digitalisation has had a significant impact on almost all areas of society. The field of education also benefits from this development, as digital media and tools have significantly enriched the organisation and content of teaching, especially in the natural sciences.

In close coordination with the school administrations of the secondary schools in the municipality of Asbach, the Realschule Plus in Asbach and the Realschule Plus and Wiedtal-Gymnasium in Neustadt, the Wirtgen Stiftungen are expanding the technical equipment with innovative 86″ multifunctional screens and iPads. The Wirtgen Stiftungen are convinced that modern technology can make learning more exciting and understandable. Thus, this project fully contributes to the purpose of promoting the education of children and young people in the local region.

Complementing the government’s Digital Pact funding programme, this funding will further digitalise teaching, introducing students to the working methods and general processes of current and future society.