News: Real Estate


The acquisition of the Opern Passagen in 2013 enriched our versatile portfolio with one of the oldest shopping centres in Cologne. Established in 1964 as the ‘Kölner Ladenstadt’, this shopping arcade has captivated visitors ever since with its exclusive location in the Cologne city centre, nestled between the pedestrian zone ‘Breite Straße’ and the listed opera house, opposite the WDR-Arkaden and the Quincy-Carré.

The spacious car park and outstanding links to public transport ensure visitors a carefree arrival that harmonises nicely with the variety of selected shops, high-quality food offers, and entertainment in the renowned ‘Theater am Dom’, a boulevard theatre, to create a unique and tremendous shopping experience.

To preserve the versatility and high quality of the Opern Passagen, in 2021 extensive renovations and updates will be carried out in the mall and in the car park, along with a redesign of the façade. We will be undertaking these measures to enhance the shopping centre’s appeal and the shopping experience it provides, while at the same time re-emphasising the traditional charm of the property.

Through this investment in the future, OPK will shine in new splendour, with new tenants and concepts that will enrich the location even further.