News: Venture


Over the past three years, WIRTGEN INVEST Venture GmbH has invested heavily in growing and established companies. It has entered into a total of no fewer than 700 generally passive participations of varying orders of magnitude.

The engagements span quite disparate sectors of the economy, including healthcare, technology, consumer goods and industry. Regional diversification is broad as well, with Europe and North America forming the focus of the investments. As a market with rapid long-term growth, China also has an essential role to play in the allocation of capital.

In spite of the difficult economic environment, there are no indications whatsoever of distress, let alone insolvencies, among the invested companies. On the contrary, the business trend for the vast majority of these firms is very encouraging, and significantly positive investment valuations can be reported as a result.

Plans are in place to further increase engagements in companies in the years to come. WIRTGEN INVEST Venture GmbH views itself as a long-term investor that stands by its investments, even in times of crisis, and is also willing to provide injections of capital to permit firms to stay the course for growth, even when facing economic headwinds.