News: Energy


In March 2020, WIRTGEN INVEST's second wind power plant, Barwice Wind Park in Poland, was successfully connected to the grid.
Barwice Wind Park is situated in one of the windiest parts of Northern Poland. With 14 wind turbines of the Siemens-Gamesa SWT-3.0-113 type producing a total installed rated output of 42 megawatts, the project will be almost twice the size of the wind farm in Sweden that was connected in the spring of 2019.

This means that Poland can now produce around 114 million kWh annually, which will supply around 27,000 four-person households and save around 48,000 tonnes of COper year.

The Barwice wind farm has been the first in Poland going online under the new public tendering system. In the first round of bidding, WIRTGEN INVEST prevailed over numerous competitors and was able to secure a fixed remuneration for 15 years.