Jürgen Wirtgen Stiftung and Stefan Wirtgen Stiftung


Even a good fourteen weeks after the invasion of Russian troops into the territory of Ukraine, the effects and an end to this war are not foreseeable. In the meantime, several million Ukrainian citizens, mostly women and children, have fled towards Western Europe. Initial estimates assume the number of refugees in Germany alone at just under 400,000. These need to be accommodated in the shortest possible time and cared for in the best possible way.

The municipality of Asbach is also faced with the major challenge of creating short-term accommodation and care facilities. The Wirtgen Stiftungen are supporting the commitment of the municipal administration and are financing 200 camp beds and other urgently needed initial equipment with a donation of €124,000 for local accommodation of the affected people in the municipality.

In addition to funding emergency medical aid on site in war zones, this donation promotes social engagement in the region. The faster the new arrivals can be accommodated in the municipality of Asbach, the better the chances for successful integration and an environment in which the events of the war can be processed.