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Following its successful start, WIRTGEN INVEST had added 6 additional specialists to its team by the end of 2018. “We want to gradually introduce and develop all core competencies in house,” explains Jürgen Wirtgen. “The idea is to have the resources on hand that are needed to strategically establish our four business areas – property, renewable energy, ownership interests and financial investments – on the market.” With a strong team of experts from all relevant disciplines, including finance, law, IT, real estate and administration, Wirtgen Invest has the potential to act quickly and competently on the market. “It’s great to have direct access to all competencies in house”, explains Stefan Wirtgen. “All of our staff are not only top experts in their fields, they’re also able to look beyond their own area and understand the wider context.“ Thus day-to-day cooperation relies above all on personal interaction and mutual trust in the professional competence and soft skills of all colleagues.
WIRTGEN INVEST is set to increase its headcount again this year in order to further exploit growth potential in the market.