News: Jürgen Wirtgen Stiftung and Stefan Wirtgen Stiftung

New emergency vehicle for the BRH Rescue Dogs Unit Westerwald e.V.

Every year about 100,000 people are reported missing in Germany. Often they are elderly people and children. They all have one thing in common: they may be in a life-threatening situation from which they cannot extricate themselves without further help.

In such cases, the voluntary rescue dog unit, as part of the emergency service, is requested by administrative and operational bodies. The organisation, which is 100% self-financed and financed by donations, was founded in March 2002 and has today about 50 deployments a year, mostly at night, and about 10 are in the municipality of Asbach. Before a team consisting of dog and dog handler are sent to deployment, they undergo many years of special training, because only in this way the essential search quality can be guaranteed to the highest degree and the corresponding responsibility be assumed.

In order to optimize processes, and thus increasing efficiency and saving valuable time, the Wirtgen Stiftungen are supporting the rescue dog unit with the purchase of a new emergency vehicle. A new basic vehicle with lower operating costs, state-of-the-art communication technology, efficient energy management and equipment that is perfectly tailored to the needs of the operation will provide the volunteers the best possible working conditions.

The Wirtgen Stiftungen would like not only to support but also to appreciate the tireless voluntary work of all dogs and dog handlers, and are certain that the use of the vehicle will enable many missing persons to be found more quickly and thereby saving human lives.