News: Aktionsgruppe „Kinder in Not“ e.V.


In 2018, India ranked 103 out of a total 119 countries in the Global Hunger Index. The situation is especially dramatic in the State of Madhya Pradesh. The vast majority of its population live in rural/agricultural structures. 20% of the inhabitants belong to lower castes and make up the bottom rung of Indian society. If a child is born with disabilities, the strain on the family is unimaginable. While the parents work in the fields of the major landowners to survive, they set their disabled sons and daughters down at the sides of the roads to beg or the children are left behind alone in the huts of the families. The disabled girls and boys grow up without any care or support. But fortunately, there are people like Sister Julia. She has a heart for the forgotten children of Sendhwa. She has taken in fifty of them and ensures that the disabled boys and girls are at least cared for around the clock. Until now, she didn’t have the financial means to do more. Together with the action group “Kinder in Not” e.V., WIRTGEN INVEST is taking action to address Sister Julia’s problems. In order to be able to provide the children with an education and medical care in addition to accommodation, Sister Julia’s facility is currently being extended. The new Snehasadan Therapy Centre will have space for 150 girls and boys where they will have the opportunity to develop their own personal strengths. Through proper nutrition, training, individual therapy programmes and not least, affectionate support, the new therapy centre will soon make it possible to lay the foundations for a better future for the disabled children of Sendhwa.