News: Family Office


The family office of WIRTGEN INVEST specializes in the four investment areas of financial investments, real estate, renewable energies and venture investments. From the very beginning the aim of the company management was to set up a digital family office through a high degree of digital automation in order to effectively implement all business, financial, accounting and organizational processes/tasks of the company. The digital management of the various investments requires both software that is individually customized to each investment area and capable of evaluating the individual investments together with their respective special features, as well as higher-level software that combines all areas into a consistent and integrated management and reporting system to enable all-digital corporate management at the top level. WIRTGEN INVEST has now achieved this requirement profile through the use of a highly professional and networked IT infrastructure.

As higher-order systems, the business areas were also networked with a central payment and accounting system and a uniform document management system was integrated into the IT systems for document filing, in which all the documents from the various business areas are collected, processed and retrieved an any time.


The investment department is able to call up the portfolio and performance on financial investments at any time, i.e. at the push of a button and to present these, in full or in part, in a management report broken down by type of investment, geography, currency, liquid assets, etc.


The real estate management uses a software that can map both operational and commercial property management. In addition to the defined reporting that can be called up at any time, this system also creates, among other things, property accounting, maintains current rental contracts with index adjustments and rental expirations, and can automatically generate a statement of auxiliary costs.


After an intensive selection process, a partner was found in a professional Swiss contractor who provides an intelligent asset management platform that enables at any time a fully comprehensive analysis and evaluation of all technical and commercial data and key figures of all energy investments of WIRTGEN INVEST in almost real time and thus represents an important component for the integration into the systems for operational management, accounting and reporting.


Our global engagement in private markets results in a wealth of information that vary widely depending on the region and form of investment. We have succeeded in systematizing the global information on the development of the investments held in an information management system. Specially designed reports allow a tailor-made analysis at all time. The information and key figures are available in user-definable granularity.


At WIRTGEN INVEST, the investment in the company’s own and individual digital infrastructure accurately reflects the company’s strategy of creating sustainable and holistic values. By creating an all-digital family office through consistent networking of all IT systems and the wide variety of usage and evaluation options available through this structure, not only the needs of tomorrow have been planned, but also the requirements of the day after tomorrow have been considered and implemented.