Photovoltaic System Vernerov, Czech Republic

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The future of renewable energies has begun.

With the photovoltaic system ‚Vernerov‘ we commissioned the third and biggest solar power plant in Czechia in December 2010. ‚With this plant we have extended and rounded our „commitment to sun“ in Czechia once again.‘

The solar park is situated in a sunny region near the border to Germany. On an area of some 100,000 square meters 18,300 modules produce app. 4,301 kWp which are fed into the Czech power grid. By the Renewable Energy Act the compensation can be calculated for a long time. ‚With the size of the photovoltaic system we wanted to show that already some eight years ago it was worthwile to invest in this future technology.‘ At the same time we support the engagement of the Czech government in alternative energies.

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