This creates fresh accents in Cologne’s media centre

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‘Altes Eichamt’ stands out.

The striking head-end building with its overhanging roof and the warm façade colouring attracts attention among the rather neutral office buildings at Spichernstraße in Cologne. For some 80 years weights and measuring instruments were controlled here. The venerable building was revitalised elaborately and extended by a new building and a big underground car park.

Since 2002 „Altes Eichamt“ is a popular top address for rising and established enterprises. In the immediate neighbourhood to the Cologne Mediapark the building ensemble provides office rooms with state-of-the-art technology, cutting-edge room layout and an inspiring atmosphere. The address stands for perfect working conditions which are also provided by the catering area on the ground floor and the comfortable parking facilities in the building.

Altes Eichamt [Old Office of Weights and Measures]

For some 80 years, weights and measuring equipment were certified here, behind an inconspicuous façade. Since the late 1990s, the venerable structure has undergone extensive revitalisation and the addition of a new building. The result: an exquisite corner ensemble. Its main characteristic: the warm colour scheme of the façade.

This friendly warmth is reflected within the structure as well. With ceiling heights of up to 4 metres, the building offers an exciting environment in which to work. Equipped with state-of-the-art office technology, the ‘Altes Eichamt’ [Old Office of Weights and Measures] opposite the Mediapark complex has become a popular office address for emerging and established companies alike.

On the ground floor, the former weights and testing hall is now home to a kitchen studio some 150 square metres in size for an absolute premium provider.

(Deutsch) Das „Alte Eichamt“ sticht hervor. Der markante Kopfbau mit seinem überkragenden Dach und der warmen Fassadenfarbgebung fällt inmitten der eher neutralen Bürogebäude in der Spichernstraße in Köln auf. Rund 80 Jahre wurden hier Gewichte und Messgeräte überprüft. Das ehrwürdige Gebäude wurde aufwendig revitalisiert und um einen Neubau wie einer großen Tiefgarage erweitert.