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After the engagement in three solar power plants in the Czech Republic, Wirtgen Invest decided to construct a wind farm in October 2017.

In Scandinavia wind energy in addition to hydropower is well established and advanced as a renewable form of energy. Besides Denmark, the number one in wind energy, also Sweden has a great expansion potential. Competitiveness, supply reliability and environmental sustainability are the fundamental pillars of Swedish energy policy.

Wirtgen Invest is involved in the wind project Laika at Laxå in the southeast of Sweden. A wind farm of seven turbines with a hub height of 135 meters shall be developed over there until the first quarter of 2019. An annual production of some 82,500 MWh is planned. The carbon dioxide savings shall be more than 62,000 tons per year. That corresponds to a mileage of more than 413 millions of kilometres of a regular car.

The company sees a significant future potential for investments in wind energy in Sweden.

The future of renewable energy has begun

‘For us, solar power systems are not pure investments, but an investment based on conviction.’ The ‘Svetla nad Sazavou’ photovoltaic plant in the Czech Republic was commissioned in late 2010 and connected to the Czech power grid. We have been involved in plant engineering right from the outset, fully aware that it would be years before the initial investment would pay off.

The plant spans a total area of around 80,000 square metres and is located in one of the sunniest areas of the Czech Republic. It produces 3,722 kWp per year. The plant was built using only high-quality photovoltaic components from premium manufacturers. Under the Renewable Energy Act in the Czech Republic, remuneration is fixed and calculable over the long term.

(Deutsch) Nach dem Engagement in drei Solarkraftanlagen in Tschechien hat sich Wirtgen Invest im Oktober 2017 entschlossen einen Windpark zu bauen.Windkraft ist in Skandinavien neben Wasserkraft als erneuerbare Energieform etabliert und ausgereift.